Eldorado Park family wants updates from police after death of teen


The family of dead teen – Nathaniel Julius is demanding updates from the police after the 16-year old got shot and killed allegedly by a police officer in Eldorado Park on Wednesday.

This led to violent protests that ensued on Thursday with police reacting by firing teargas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets in order to scare away hundreds of provoked protesters.

Bridget Harris, Nathaniel’s mother explained how lovely her son was.

The way he was shot, he was helpless,” she said.

Harris also said her son taught her to be bold and brave.

When Nathaniel was a baby I didn’t know he was Down syndrome.”

I was telling myself that if this little body is going to go through so much, let me walk the walk with him.”

The information surrounding his death is still unclear.

Anybody can see that this is a child,” Harris said.

The family will come together with police officers on Friday to demand answers surrounding the death of Nathaniel Julius.


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