Pastor The DJ criticizes Durban artists for unlawful protest



Pastor The DJ stands against his colleagues in the industry on the Durban artists’ protest.

The purpose of the protest is to call the SA Government attention to the percentage of capacity allowed for gigs.

The artists want an amendment to a minimum of 70% capacity in all events.

However, in other to achieve this, they blocked the N3 Highway near the Spaghetti Junction in Durban while protesting.

It’s been reported that 35 protesters was arrested by SA police, and the road unblocked.

Pastor DJ applauded the #VulaPresident initiative, but condemned the way at which they went about it.

“Great initiative guys, but it should have been peaceful instead of breaking the law by blocking the road with a mobile stage and have a full on bash on the freeway. We should seek legal advice before we are overwhelmed by emotions. Think guys, think,” he tweeted.

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