Speed bumps built by Township parents for children’s safety



Nkandla township parents took to their tools to build their own speed bumps to slow down traffic in order to protect their children.

Three years ago after, Johannes Abrahams and Merileen Moses daughter, Leandra was hit by a car, they decided to build speed bumps on the road outside their home.

Other residents did the same thing which have left most of the townships’ street filled with “homemade” speed bumps.

Moses said his daughter was a year old when she was involved in a hit and run accident.

“She walked out and a speeding vehicle hit her. She suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to hospital for a month.”

“The scars on her face are a reminder of that terrible accident,” said Abrahams.

“Since then we decided to erect a speed bump in front of our gate to protect our three children.

“Children hate to stay indoors. They leave the yard and go next door to play with other children.”

“We never expected drivers to be so reckless because this is not a main road. Drivers just speed.”

Another parent, Fundile Mbekela who had six children said he decided to build a speed bump in front of his house “after a neighbour’s child was involved in a hit and run.”

He blamed taxi drivers for speeding to make quick cash and reversing for commuters without considering the “safety of our children.”

“Some motorists drive under the influence of alcohol.”

Records have it that more than 13,000 people die on SA’s roads each year.

Ward 41 councillor, Simphiwe Tyukana (ANC) said speeding vehicles cause troubles for them.

He said bumps construction has started in the area.

“We want these roads to have speed bumps and guard rails for houses in danger of being involved in accidents”.

Nelson Mandela Bay municipal spokesperson Mamela Ndamase said roads need to be tarred.

“Once a road is constructed, speed bumps will be erected.”

“The relevant officials will engage with a councillor to investigate interventions that can be made,” Ndamase said.

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