Clicks stores threatened to shutdown following ‘racist’ advert



Following a controversial post made by Clicks on Friday, the EFF disclosed that they want all of Clicks’ stores to shutdown or else, the party will force its closure.

The health and beauty retailer got into this hot soup after an advert in a campaign run on its website described African hair as dry and damaged while white hair is described as fine and flat through the use of images.

On Sunday, EFF in a statement said it wrote to Clicks to correct their “racist act” within the 24 hours but they were not satisfied with the company’s corrections.

They described Clicks’ corrections as that which did not show any kind of remorse.

The party told the company to close for five days because it claimed that their apology was not genuine.

“If Clicks does not close, our members in all branches will shut down all 800 Clicks outlets across the country from Monday September 7 2020 to Friday September 11 2020,” the EFF said.

No response from Clicks yet.

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