Clicks accepts resignation of a senior executive


A senior executive who was responsible for the hair advert that caused a roar in the country, has penned down a resignation.

However, Clicks accepted the resignation after it had suspended staff who were responsible for publishing the offensive hair advert.

The company decided not to mention the name of the senior executive responsible for the controversial advertisement.

CEO Vikesh Ramsunder said all its employees suspended would pass through an unbiased disciplinary hearing by an independent or external chairperson.

We recognise this event has had a significant effect on our people and our customers and we have taken a decision to close our stores for a day on Wednesday,” he said.

We will use this opportunity to engage directly with all our store staff across the country, to provide counselling and support.”

Clicks earlier said that the controversial advert has brought about protests from EFF and had affected about 425 of its stores all over the country on Monday.

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