Clicks decided to close its stores on Wednesday



Clicks store has announced that all its outlets will be closed on Wednesday.

It plans to use this medium to provide counselling and support to all its staff and “engage directly” with them.

According to Clicks, its stores will reopen on Thursday.

Today, Clicks approached the Johannesburg High Court today in the midst of the racist ad saga.

The court granted an interdict restricting the EFF from intimidating and threatening employees and customers and inciting violence against commercial operations.

Clicks had no choice but to approach the courts, as protecting staff and customers remains the number one priority.”

“The closure means Clicks will be unable to provide medication to customers, along with public sector medicine pick-up points being temporarily un-available.”

Clicks recognises the significant impact this event has had on its people and customers and is doing everything to ensure their safety and wellbeing,” said Clicks in a statement.

It also explained that it is calculating its losses in the vandalism and looting in some of its stores.

Clicks also revealed that they go a letter from the SAHRC on Monday and is in the process of responding to the letter and engaging with the Commission.

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