KFC apologises for ‘insensitive’ twitter post



KFC apologised over a deleted tweet that caused outrage on social media this week.

The tweet was posted on Sunday with an image of Tsonga contestants on SA Family Feud show which was captioned : “When you can’t decide on a colour, so you wear all of them.”

The tweet was deleted after it was criticised.

The Fast-food retailer in a statement on Wednesday said the tweet was meant to be “humorous” but it ended up getting the company dragged on the media streets.

“The tweet was intended to be humorous in line with the light-hearted nature and tone of the Family Feud show. However, this is no excuse”.

“We fully acknowledge that it was not thought through, was insensitive and inappropriate and as such, we removed the tweet and issued an apology to consumers on our Twitter page,” it said.

“We acknowledge that we didn’t take into account the diverse socio-cultural nature of the country when developing this tweet and take full accountability for the error in judgment and while we can’t take back what has been done, in future, we commit to taking more care around such cultural distinctions,” the fast-food retailer said.

Clicks was also dragged for their “racist advert” this week.

The health care and cosmetics retailer published a TREsemme ad on its website which got a negative feedback that affected the company.

Clicks described black women’s hair as “dry and damaged, frizzy and dull” while it portrayed white hair as “normal” on the ad.

The Association for Communication and Advertising (ACA) advised organizations to understand human diversity to avoid issues relating to racism and discrimination.


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