Two police officers seriously injured in Centurion shoot-out



Two policemen have been left with serious injuries after a shoot-out that led to the death of two suspects.

Netcare 911 responded to an emergency call on Jakaranda Street following a shoot-out between police and suspects in Centurion on Thursday morning.

One of the policemen were shot in the face while his colleague was shot on his “lower limb”.

Four suspects were shot but two suspect died on scene.

Netcare 911 spokesperson, Shawn Herbst disclosed that the two officers were airlifted to a hospital.

“Shortly after 9am Netcare, along with other emergency services, responded to a shooting on Jakaranda Street in Centurion. There was a shoot-out between suspects and police.”

“Two policemen were shot, one sustained critical injuries after being shot in the face. The other sustained serious injuries after being shot on his lower limb.

“Both patients were treated on the scene. Once stabilised, Netcare airlifted him to a specialist hospital.”

“Of four suspects, two were shot dead and two were shot and transported by ambulance to hospital.”

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