7 things that happens to your body when you don’t exercise regularly



Regular workout is not only good for weight loss, but it also provides you with optimal health.

To stay fit, have a healthy body and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, exercise plays a major role in our daily life. So, we all should invest at least 30 minutes every day to stay healthy.

But we often feel lethargic to do exercises and this causes numerous health issues amongst us.

Below are some of the problems that we may face if we don’t do workout regularly:

1. Sleep issues

Lack of physical activity often leads to many health issues like obesity, heart problems, diabetes, mood disorders, etc. Due to all these, you may have regular sleep problems like sleeplessness, interrupted sleep, problems in falling asleep, etc.

2. High blood pressure

When we don’t have a fit heart, it doesn’t work hard to pump blood and as a result, the force through arteries tends to decrease. Over time, our cardio-respiratory fitness starts to deteriorate. But regular exercises make our heart pump more efficiently.

3. Risk of heart disease

Even if you don’t have any health issues like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood sugar, still inactivity can increase your risk of heart diseases.

4. Memory problems

According to scientists, exercises promote neuroplasticity. It is the ability of our brain to form new neural connections throughout life. A study has seen that people who were fit as young adults tend to have a better memory in their old age.

5. Better endurance

When you exercise regularly, it increases your endurance level. You have a great amount of oxygen while doing an intense workout.

6. Increased blood sugar level

Lack of physical activity can increase our blood sugar levels causing diabetes and obesity.

7. Risk of cancer

Regular exercises reduce the risk of cancers like breast cancer, according to studies.

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