Lenasia South and Lawley residents protest over informal settlements



Early on Monday morning, residents in Lenasia South and Lawley came out in large numbers to protest, roads were also blocked.

They were allegedly protesting over informal settlements.

The Johannesburg metro police officers (JMPD) and the police were at the scene of the demonstration in order to contain the protests.

According to the JMPD chief superintendent, Wayne Minnaar , the protest was “massive”.

“The K43 and Old Lawley roads have been blocked with rocks and burning tyres since 1.30am today. This is affecting large parts of Lenasia South and Lawley.”

“According to information received, it is alleged the protests are about the removal of all informal settlements,” said Minnaar.

“JMPD and police officers have been deployed since midnight. The protests are over a very big area.”

Videos from the scene of protest were also shared on social media platforms.

Plumes of smoke bellowing from the area could be seen as protesters burned tyres.

However, the police are on scene but motorists are advised to stay away from the area.

An alternative route for motorist is the Golden Highway.

Recently, scores of illegally erected buildings, some made of brick and mortar were demolished by the Red ants following the City officials instructions.

This change have sparked protest in so many areas.

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