Municipalities called to investigate PPE tenders


Metros and municipalities are now called upon to inspect their COVID-19 expenditure so as to cross out abuse and corruption.

The main aim has been on national and provincial government so far.

However, a City of Joburg audit has made it known that local government are not pardoned for the ransacking.

The PPE procurement scandal has graced several provincial governments and national departments.

Moreover, information in connection to the procurement has been dished out by the treasury.

Calls have now risen for this to occur at municipal level.

For far too long we have seen at local government level a lot of blundering,” said OUTA’s Wayne Duvenage.

I think the Auditor-General report is clear, yet there are far little consequences. Very few people are held accountable.”

According to Duvenhage: “Transparency is the enemy of corruption.”

As a city, we are serious about fighting corruption,” said acting mayor Mpho Moerane.

We will not allow public money to be spent unlawfully. It has been a very difficult period of COVID-19.”

People lost their lives. We cannot be seen to be wasting money in an irrelevant or irregular way. ”

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