iFani calls out AKA again: “Now I’m back to disappoint the people I left in the game”



iFani is someone who does not shy away from saying his mind most especially when it hurts him so much.

However, the rapper is back to drag out AKA which looks like the beef is not going to end anytime soon.

Few weeks ago, iFani dragged out AKA in a tweet which reads; “Let me go tell AKA, I’m back from the DEAD”.

This time the rapper said he is back to disappoint him again.

“When I left the game I disappointed people…my people. Now I’m back To disappoint the people I left In the game. Your people…No, I’m lying, ONE people: Super Mega,” he tweeted.

Earlier today, he collaborated with July on the song named after the beauty influencer, Mihlali Ndamase.

He sat down with Slikour and discussed how his decision to quit rap had negatively affected him and those around him.

Five years ago, the rapper stopped making music and he regrets his decision.

iFani revealed that many were disappointed at him after the announcement he made.

“I have disappointed a lot of people, my entire family is disappointed in me. I have disappointed my fans, I have disappointed my baby mommas, I have two now, they don’t want to see me.  And the main thing they talk about is ‘why aren’t you working? Why are you chilling at home. There I am chilling at home, doing nothing.

He said: “For that disappointment I want to say I am sorry. My career was supposed to blossom. Take Xhosa to overseas, I had dreams but all of a sudden I said No.


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