Recreational activities are back on, here are the things you need to know under level 1



Ministry of sport, arts and culture’s chief director marketing and communications (sport), Mickey Modisane announced new rules as cinemas, theatres and sporting events open under level 1 of the lockdown.

Here are the things you need to know before you go out to have fun:


Sporting activities are allowed to resume with no spectators at the venue or in the precinct of the venue.

Every participant must be tested for professional sport, and screening for non-professional sport.

The sporting body must ensure that  safety measures are in place before sporting activities resumes.

International sporting, arts and cultural events involving countries with high Covid-19 infection rates are not permitted.

Every travelling participant must provide a negative Covid-19 test result not more than 72 hours before the date of travel.

Cinemas and theatres

Cinemas and theatres, fitness centres and swimming pools can only operate at 50% of the venue’s capacity.

The visitors must wear a mask or cloth to cover the mouth and face, and adhere to social distancing and screening.

For indoor concerts and live performances, 250 persons or less are allowed while 500 persons or less for an outdoor gathering.

“The venues must be cleaned and everyone entering such venues is subject to screening.”

“Everyone must wear a mask or cloth that covers the mouth and nose at all times. Hands must be washed every time and the venue must be sanitised,” said Modisane.

“A compliance officer must be appointed to make sure all people entering the venue sign the attendance register, and all people entering the venues must be screened for their temperature, noting that participants, including match officials at non-professional sport events, must be screened before the resumption of such activities.”

The department also made it known that they will deploy officials that would be tasked with the duty to monitor compliance.

These officials will be given a “special identity document”.

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