Agrizzi’s lawyers worried about his health condition and safety


Angelo Agrizzi’s lawyers have said they are concerned about his worsening health condition and safety at a public hospital.

On Thursday, the former Bosasa COO was driven to hospital. This was after the day he was jailed to await his trial on charges relating to corruption.

Agrizzi has been transferred from the acute ward at an undisclosed public hospital to another ward for observation.

However, he has tested negative for COVID-19.

In terms of transferring him we did hear that only once he was transferred, he was in considerable distress,” said Daniel Witz, Agrizzi’s lawyer.

Through the night and morning and this was only communicated in very limited bits of information when he was actually being transferred.”

On Friday, Agrizzi was not available for his court appearance before the Pretoria Specialised Commercials Crimes, due to a matter unrelated to his current detention.

That case has been adjourned to 26 November.

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