Lesego Tlhabi wants “older leaders to pave way for younger generations to rule



Lesego Tlhabi has decided to let her voice heard on the issue of having older people lead the country.

The star who is not shy of speaking her mind out on issues like race, politics and body shaming revealed that older leaders should pave way for younger generations to rule the country.

The comedian expressed shock stating it “does not make sense” seeing a 65-year-old leaders held positions for more than 20 years thanks to cabinet reshuffling.

According to Lesego’s statement, she would like to see leaders within the ages of 30-40 to be in power.

Lesego also suggested there may be a time limit or timeframe for a leader to serve, similarly to the presidency.

How have some people been shuffling in cabinet for 20+ years?!” she remarked in her tweet.

In her words, she made known that most of those old leaders in power are just there to steal from the country because they know they have no time left due to their age.

However, her tweet caught the attention of many and a tweep revealed that Joe Biden being 77 years old but running to become US president.

The satirist she is, Lesego responded to the tweep by saying America needed the 77-year-old more than they needed the 74-year-old he was running against [Donald Trump].

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