Watch: Zizo Tshwete tells fans to tackle their challenges



Zizo Tshwete has decided to dish out advice to her fans and followers.

In her words, she said that life is not easy and sometimes it gets to a stage it would be too tough not handle but she is letting them know that they should never give up easily.

Zizo stated that to become a better person, one need to tackle their challenges that define them, not the challenges themselves.

In a motivational video on Instagram, Zizo read a few verses from the Bible which she used to encourage people to tackle their challenges head-on.

“Sometimes the things we are going through in our lives have been tormenting us before we had the opportunity to face them head-on. What is it that we probably need to be mindful of before we go and see what those things are?’

“Sometimes being the ‘underdog, the type of person perceived as the one who might be able to either have a solution or overcome a situation, may come in the space where we start to doubt ourselves.

“This a reminder that it will torment you, and when it does, you need to get into the headspace that you are ready for when you have to take action.”

Zizo let them know that it is best to tackle whatever one is facing instantly instead of procrastinating it.

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I love the teaching in 1Samuel 17:12-51! Stay blessed and stay slaying! #TelkomConnectsSA 💙

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