10 things women do that absolutely irritate men



Believe it or not, there are some behaviors women portray that can be one of the reasons why a man can stop loving her. Does it sound unreal?!

Although there are many opinions that women are much more likely to stop loving their partner whom they had been irretrievably in love with, the men point out the disadvantages and negative points of women which may be too much to handle for them.

That’s why we’ve decided to show you 10 behaviors of women that irritates the opposite gender the most! Check them below!

1. A desperate woman

Men do not like women who are always clinging to them; they prefer an independent woman. Don’t show your man that you will die if he is not in your life. Give him space and go to him when you really need him.

2. Very long nails

While some women might think that longs nails are sexy and sassy; some men think they are super annoying. Men prefer women with short and neat nails. Having long nails might hurt them while making out.

3. Talking about your ex

When a woman constantly talks about her ex, it makes the man feel as though she is not over the ex and this is a major turn off. This especially comes in when you start comparing your ex to your current man. Lady, when you find yourself constantly talking about your ex, you might really want to think of the reason why.

4. Acting too bossy

Men do not like it when women control them; it’s their natural ego. Trying to boss your man around will only show that you have no respect for him. This is the reason why two alphas cannot survive in a relationship.

5. Playing hard to get

A man likes a woman who will challenge him, but if he pursues a girl for too long he will eventually move on. If you like a guy and he has shown interest in you, what are you waiting for?

6. Trying to change him

When you try to change a man, you are only going to hurt his ego. Sure, he might compromise one or two things to make you happy but don’t expect him to be a new leaf. A man will want you to love him just the way he is and if you can’t, he wasn’t meant for you.

7. Making him jealous

I have heard women say that if a man is not jealous, he is not in love with you; this might be true but to a very limited extent. Don’t confuse your man by sending him mixed signals by flirting with another man. The next time you try to make him jealous ask yourself how you’d feel if he did the same. It’s never fun to watch.

8. Wearing too much makeup

Your man is entitled to his own opinion when it comes to your physical appearance. Some men get really irritated when you put on too much makeup.

9. Bad odor

This is pretty simple; no man will date a smelly woman. Remember to maintain your hygiene all the time. Take a shower and a little perfume for starters. Smelly women are a huge turn off for men.

10. A woman who drinks too much

Taking alcohol and having fun does not hurt but when you take too much till you become drunk and start acting weird, your man might think twice about you, especially if he was planning to spend the rest of his life with you.

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