71-year-old suspect arrested in Marina da Gama murder


An elderly man has been apprehended with accusation relating to murder

A 71-year-old man from Marina Da Gama was arrested for murder.

The wife (66) of the accused was discovered dead on the kitchen floor of the couple’s home nearly two weeks ago.

She was stabbed in the head and back and pronounced dead on the spot.

Police found the man lying outside the house with a gunshot wound to his abdomen; was transferred to the hospital in a severe condition.

At the time, the attack appeared to be an apparent intrusion.

Speaking with Weekend Argus from his hospital bed just hours after the incident, the man claimed that he and his wife were approached by two men who got into their home.

But as the police’s Frederick van Wyk made it known that there’s been a twist in the case:

Police arrested a 71-year-old man yesterday on the charge of murder at a medical facility at the time of him being discharged. He is due to appear in the Muizenberg Magistrates Court.”

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