Man stab and rob Durban woman on N2 highway


A woman was stabbed and robbed after her vehicle broke down on Thursday at the infamous Spaghetti Junction in Durban.

According to Trishen Govender, a spokesperson for PT Alarms, the woman was with her daughter when she experienced car trouble while traveling south on the N2.

Govender said a man approached and attempted to break a window.

The woman and her daughter attempted to escape by jumping from the vehicle, but the man reportedly chased the older woman.

The suspect stabbed her on the left hand and stole her handbag.”

Govender said a team, including an ambulance, was sent to help the mother and daughter.

“Female motorists are urged to be extra cautious when stopping or during a breakdown. Lock doors and close the vehicle’s windows. Immediately alert your towing service and a family member of your location,” said Govender.

Criminal elements have already attacked motorists in this section, stoning cars or ambushing them.

Police were not readily available to give response to a request for comment.

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