Unknown man threatens Mboro’s life over Bushiri’s issue – Watch



An unknown man believed to be Ghanaian sent out threat to Pastor Mboro on refusal to leave Shepherd Bushiri alone.

Mboro is famously known to be outspoken, and has said lots on Bushiri’s issue.

In the video shared on social media, the unknown man assumed to be a Ghanaian prophet says if Mboro refuses to stop his talks on Bushiri, then he’s going to lose his life in a car accident.

“My eyes are open. My spirit is in South Africa. There is a prophet called Mboro, listen to me, there is a prophet called Mboro. Mboro listen to me, either you leave Prophet Bushiri alone, or you die through car accident.”

Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) leader Shepherd Bushiri and his wife are are facing charges of fraud, money laundering and theft, and also accused of contravening certain provisions of the Immigration Act.

However, the couple were reported to have been granted bail on Wednesday.

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