“I said what I said!”- Jackie Phamotse on not taking her words back



Jackie Phamotse has been all over social media following the allegation that she made concerning South African celebrities.

The star made it known that most celebrities make use of dark magic to get wealthy.

Well, it looks like she is standing on her words and not ready to take it back no matter the consequences.

Yesterday, Jackie again took to her Instagram to address the backlash she has been getting concerning her post.

She captioned her post: “I said what I said!”

I can’t force someone to do a live’ when they feel threatened. I had to wait like everyone. It’s important to respect people and give them a fair chance. He doesn’t normally do live’s and this is way beyond hi, I truly tried guys.”

“The message that I’ve been getting. Guys, please come down and please read my captions. I beg you.” She told her followers.

“I did specifically say it’s a taste of what we’re going to speak about. So relax, it’s going to happen. I’m going to give you all the details when it’s time because there’s a lot of threats.”

Jackie also stated that some people are uncomfortable with her statement but asked them to give her time before she let out the real truth as she likes being prepared.

Watch Jackie’s post:

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