“I wish I can irritate some woman’s son”, says Ann Malinga



SA businesswoman, Ann Malinga goes blunt about how she feels on social media.

In the midst of living her best life, she desires to irritate some woman’s son.

Ann wasn’t so clear on whose son, but she explained further, that she want to trigger a fight with a man.

“I act like I’m fine. But deep down inside me I wish I can irritate some woman’s Son. Start a fight or something😏 kuphithizele nje,” she captioned post shared on Instagram.

Most of her followers laughed it off.

Meanwhile, few weeks ago, the wife of the late legend music artist, Robbie Malinga, hints on finding love again.

“In my head I’m a model🤞🏼Also get you a Man who is good behind the lenses,” she captioned a bikini snap shared on social media.

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