Chaos on social media as 22-year-old Nigerian claims he failed WAEC 20 times


A young Nigerian man caused chaos on social media after claiming he failed West African Examinations Certificate (WAEC) 20 times.

The 22-year-old says he will be graduating as a medical doctor in few months, after passing the exam on his 21st attempt.

“I failed WAEC 20 times, I eventually passed the 21st time. I’m currently in my sixth year in the university and I own many businesses. I will graduate in few months at 22 as a Medical doctor. If I can do it, then you can!!!”

It is believed that he tried inspiring and motivating Twitter users with his stories, but all turned left, as the exam is said to be written once a year.

Tweeps dragged him for lying, while some played along and mocked him by creating threads with lies.

There were some hilarious reactions too.