Man imprisoned for 40 years gains freedom after witness claims she lied


Waiter Forbes is reported to have gained freedom after 40 years spent in prison, as witness Annice Kennebrew claims she lied decades ago.

The witness said she was threatened back then, that was why she was left with no choice than to lie.

The incident which landed Forbes in jail occurred in 1982 after intervening in a fight between 2 groups as a college boy.

The fight which occurred in front of Michigan bar escalated as one of the boys fighting, Dennis Hall shot at Waiter.

Hall faced the law for shooting and when he was set to be bailed, he was reported dead in a fire accident.

According to CNN, investigation carried out reveals that the fire accident was planned and not an accident.

Following his death, Forbes became a suspect and Annice who was threatened lied against him, which got him in prison for 40 years, even though evidence at the fire scene proved otherwise about Forbes.

On November 20th, the man was released, as Annice withdrew her statement which was made 40 years ago.