DJ Warras hits back at a troll tagging him as “less intellectually gifted”



Radio personality, DJ Warras is not taking it likely with trolls this 2021.

The star took to his Twitter to hit back at a well-known Twitter user called Koshiek Karan after he threw shade at Warras for being one of the “less intellectually gifted ones” who “end up in politics or hosting radio shows”

Responding to this, DJ Warras made a straight warning to the Twitter user not to come at him most espacially when they they are not close to each other.

He said: “Koshiek. U don’t know me. For the most part, I like a lot of what u post. What I don’t like — is when u insult people u don’t know.”

Warras also went ahead to make it clear that he would not allow someone talk to him like that.

“You get clever on Twitter with the right people. I’m not those people. I’ll f**k u up in real life. Don’t come get likes off me,” he said.

At the end of everything, Warras ended up in a good note as he laughing off his warning after a tweep alluded that it was short men who liked to threaten people.

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