Reece Madlisa celebrated over A-Reece


South Africans sings the praise of Reece Madlisa for keeping them alive with his musical skills, while A-Reece gets dethroned.

Waking up to social media, the musician’s name was in the mouth of most users as they celebrate him.

Just in case you might be wondering who Reece Madlisa is:

He is the artist behind some of the hit Amapiano songs you groove to at parties.

He is on songs like Mr Jazziq, Vsop, Onoroko, Sithi Sithi, Taxify and many others.

On the other hand, A-Reece was almost dead in the hearts of fans as he went mute on the release of his most anticipated album, Paradise 2.

Trending on Twitter, see how tweeps praised the musician:


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