Boity Thulo appreciates her ancestors for bringing her this far



Boity Thulo is thankful to her ancestors for bringing her to where she is now.

The star took to social media to show appreciation to her ancestors for a successful career and financial stability.

Well, things are going well for her now and it looks like what she needs now is a man who will take care of her.

In her words, she feels her ancestor are not generous in her love life but she would wait patiently nonetheless.

Boity posted: β€œMy Dlozis have given me a career that is beyond my wildest prayers. They have financially provided for me in the most satisfactory way. The only thing that they haven’t brought my way is the man that they prepared for me. And I have all the patience!”

Thulo said that she would patiently wait for her dream man to come along.

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