Siv Ngema gets dragged by the LGBTQI community: “He is actually making mockery of our community”



Siv Ngema is currently trending on Twitter after he called himself an ally for the LGBTQI community.

The star has stepped on the toes of many after he introduced the new name he gave himself sometime ago, “Sivanna” to the world.

However, LGBTQI community were really pissed with his tweet as they called him out for doing nothing to the numerous cases of queer deaths that have been going around on social media.

They went on to share their anger as they felt Siv is more favored that the real queer people who all they get is negativity and hatred.

A tweep said: “When Siv Ngesi wears a dress, he gets applauded for his ‘bravery’ and gets paid for it. And then he goes back to his normal life. We get killed for doing the exact thing. We will hold him accountable every chance we get,  you can bet your homophobia on it.

See tweet below: