Anele Mdoda hits back at trolls critcising her beauty



Anele Mdoda has stepped on the toes of many after she innocently shared a picture of herself with makeup.

Taking to Twitter, the star decided to gush over herself as shows off her make-up game.

Many praised Anele on her look while others criticized her by digging  up her previous criticism of US singer Kelly Rowland and used it against her.

Reacting to this, Anele addressed the situation and remind followers that she is unbothered by the insults in her mentions.

“The thing about Twitter is just because you send an insult does not mean I will be insulted. Save your data for when you leave Wi-Fi zones. Trust, sihappy, thina,” wrote Anele.

Anele also went on to make it clear that she does not need their opinion or anything to prove how beautiful she is.

She went ahead to share a picture of herself without makeup.






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