5 interesting things to do when next WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram shut down


Social media has become an essential part of the human race and it’s alarming that lots of people see it as a means of survival.

On the 4th of October, 2021, the world experienced something unusual as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp got shut down for hours.

These social media platforms are major means of survival for lots of online businesses, but some people got bored and depressed as they could not have the usual chat and fun conversations with friends, lovers, and family members.

Meanwhile, some persons continued with their normal lives, thanking Mark Zuckerberg for making them drift to live without social media, which is arguably more pleasurable.

Before helping you with things you can do when there’s another social media shutdown, I will like to know if you can fully function in a world without social media?

Did you know how our aged fathers and mothers survived in a world without any form of advanced technology?

Let’s take you through amazing things to do when next WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platforms shutdown.

1. READ 

When last did you read a book? Do you know reading of book is more engaging than some of these social media platforms? Science has shown time and again that reading is not only good entertainment, but it can make you smarter, give you a better memory, and even help you live longer. Try reading a book, with or without social media saga.

2. PLAY A GAME (Indoor & Outdoor)

Games are super exciting activities and it has multi-benefits as it helps become smarter and deal with other mental issues. Rather than stay glued waiting for the resuscitation of social media, you could take time out with friends and play some games, it could be indoor or an outdoor game.


Seeing a film(s) is a form of entertainment; you can explore by checking out different film genre. Pick a good one to watch, trust me, by the time you’re done with one or more movies, those social media platforms would have been restored. You can even watch with your loved ones, hence helping you bond with them.


Do you know the havoc social media has on reality? It’s is popularly believed that there’s a Social media life and there’s Real life. The kind of energy you get when your friends are with you is different from the one they ooze when you converse with them on these social media platforms. Why not hang out with them during the few hours of shutdown and get to know them better. You could visit a restaurant, go out for a Karaoke night, go shopping, have lunch or dinner together and many other more fun activities can you achieve when you have friends around.


Sleep is popularly believed to be a form of relaxation, but some persons have confirmed that it’s also fun. You aid the sleep by listening to your favourite songs.
You don’t have to wait till you’re wasted before you sleep. During the social media shutdown, you can relax your eyes and protect it by taking a nap or sleep. It won’t take anything from you, rather it helps better your health.

In Summary, we could go on and on listing fun things you can do whenever there’s another social media shutdown, but we would like you to stop the panic, take a breather and have fun in real life.

Well, you could still use your phone to do other amazing things, like learn or develop a skill, make phone calls, get creative and finish up that project.


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