3 signs your partner is actually your best friend



Disappointing appraisal, that long-due promotion further deferred, and a hard-to-please boss, definitely calls for a venting session with your best friend.

But is it your partner, and not your girl or boy friends, that you want to make the first call to every time when something goes bad?

If yes, you know you are in a happy relationship, with an understanding partner, who does the job of your best friend, too.

There can be nothing greater than to have your partner as your best friend. It not only does simplify things in your love life, but also makes you feel more loved, appreciated, and at-ease

Here are 4 signs that prove your partner is indeed your best friend.

1. You can discuss anything and everything with them

Be it things about your relationship, or your work, if you are able to discuss it freely, and without the fear of being judged with your partner, it’s proof that they make sure you are comfortable enough to never give anything a second thought before sharing it with them. Moreover, they are all ears whenever you talk to them. They understand you, and come up with solutions, and advice, just like a friend would do.

2. They are your therapists

A best friend is often synonymous with a therapist, but if your partner dons this hat, it shows that your partner cares about you deeply, and doesn’t fear to switch roles according to the situations when with you. They will listen to you, encourage you, motivate you, and give you advice that you know you need the most.

3. You never crave for a friend while being with them

If in all these years, or months, of your relationship, you never felt the need of having a friend who listens to you, and be with you when needed, because your partner was busy doing the job for you, it goes without saying they are your best friends. This doesn’t mean that one should stop making friends, because their better half is sufficient for them. But, if you are best friends with your partner, it is just like a cherry on the cake.

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