Rea Gopane reveals JazziQ sued him for R1m following defamatory claims




Podcaster Rea Gopane is in hot soup as DJ JazziQ has asked to pay a price for making defamatory claims about him.

This all started when Rea went live on his podcast suggesting that JazziQ had a hand in the deaths of Mpura and Killer Kau who died in an accident in August this year.

Reacting to this, JazziQ released an official statement from his legal team saying they sent a letter of demand to Rea to issue an apology and were escalating the matter through other “legal remedies available”.

“The allegations are void of any form of truth and are harmful,” read the statement.

“The facts around Mr Manyoni’s conduct and whereabouts as explained by Mr Reatlegile Gopane are worrisomely inaccurate.” 

In a recent episode of their podcast, Rea disclosed how much he was allegedly sued for.

“I got sued … this time it was R1m,” he claimed in his latest podcast.

Rea went on to say that though he was not willing to apologise to the amapiano star because he felt disrespected by him, he sent his regrets to the families of those who died in the accident.

“As everything was happening I did feel obliged to send apologies to everyone that was involved in the accident. I do feel like I should send an apology to their families … the wounds are still fresh,” he said.

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