5 “Squid Game” lessons to embrace in real life



Squid Game narrates the story of people vying for a big sum of money by participating in a game. However, it is no ordinary game – as it requires them to risk their very own lives.

Emphasizing relevant lessons that all adults can relate to, this Netflix series cleverly utilized a unique imaginative premise.

Coupled with scintillating portrayals from Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Jun and Heo Sung Tae; viewers will surely be left in awe at every episode.

More than that, its resonating lessons are also good to ponder. Read on to know.

1. Saving can go a long way

Whether it’s money or insurance, a responsible adult should foster the attitude of diligently saving. As seen in Squid Game, the main character Gi-hun has relied on his mother. Divorced and saddled with debts, he can’t even treat his daughter properly on her birthday.

When his mother required medical treatment, he goes back to the game he escaped from in the hopes of getting money for her. But it ends up being futile. Saving money and getting insurance requires discipline. You might forego some of your whims but it will definitely pay off. Just like any habit if you keep on doing it, it will become a permanent thing in your life.

2. There are risks in gambling and investments

Gi-hun and Sang-woo are old childhood friends who went on different routes when they grew up. One became successful, the other a failure. But they end up in the life-risking game because of poor choices. Their pasts do not matter anymore because they are on equal footing.

Both have succumbed to wrong choices through investments and gambling. Pushed to the edge, both of them took the easiest route possible by betting their lives yet again. Currently, easy money opportunities are emerging like mushrooms. Be wise enough to assess if you are gaining out of it. Money from hard work is always safe and stable.

3. Being filial to your parents should be always wholehearted

Often mentioned in sacred doctrines, being devoted to parents will save us from the most bottom rock situation in life. A reality highlighted in the series with the main heroes shown receiving utmost love from their mothers.

Giving material things does not equate to returning that pure love from our parents. Taking care of ourselves by being healthy, happy and out of trouble is a good way of making them at peace and content. If you know you have let your parents down at some point, make up for it by being responsible so they don’t need to worry about you anymore.

4. Nurture every connection you make

Filtering people in your life is part of being an adult. You don’t need to build a wide connection only a small functioning one. Most of the time, the people you thought to matter won’t even ask you how you are doing randomly or intentionally.

Sae-byeok and Ji-young met only in the game. Both have disheartening pasts, but they learn to trust each other. The two left a lesson on valuing relationships. If we can’t find time to cultivate our relationships with our friends, then it’s useless.

5. Kindness ripples unforeseen blessings

Various acts of kindness abundantly run in the series. Considering its dark tone, it’s impressive how willful and inadvertent compassion was shown by the characters. Gi-hun makes sure the small band they formed works together to protect each other.

Even if he was dissuaded by the old man about human’s innate greed, he still put his trust in humanity. His benevolence spurs decisions of helping the friends he met at the game without being asked to. Like taking care of Sae-byeok’s younger brother and Sang-woo’s family.

Squid Game teaches us to be kind to people, no matter how quick or long our encounters would be. It’s because we all have problems we carry – and those small acts of generosity might console someone in one way or another.

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