5 thoughtful wedding gifts every couple would appreciate



Almost everyone has the problem of not knowing what gift to give to wedding couples.

If you think you have the issue of not knowing what to give, then don’t freak out because you are not alone.

Everyone have become so generic in their wedding gifts that lots of wedding gifts are deemed expendable and even given out by the wedding couples.

These five gift items would really be appreciated by every wedding couple.

1. Money

Money, cash or whatever you want to call it is the best wedding gift you can give to a couple. Everyone loves money and everyone needs it — besides, it would really come in handy for most couples.

Weddings come with a lot of expenses and starting a home for a newly wedded couple also comes with its own expenses. If wedding couples would have their way, they would tell everyone to come with cash. Lol.

Giving wedding couples a cash gift is really the best gift you can ever give — and it would be well appreciated.

2. Cotton towels

This is one gift idea that rarely comes across people’s mind, but one that’s always appreciated. Everyone takes a bath regularly — so who doesn’t need towels?

The fact that they are new and are cotton towels, they would be very much-loved and appreciated.

3. Kitchen supplies

Kitchen supplies always come in handy; the man may not fully appreciate this, but the woman definitely would, especially if they haven’t been living as a couple before getting married.

Kitchen supplies depends on what you can afford — from cheaper items like pots, pans and blenders to more expensive items like cookers, fridge and freezers. Kitchen supply is always appreciated, even if it’s just a set of hand towels — the woman would always see the use for it.

4. Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts are also thoughtful and very much appreciated by couples. Weddings are about love and harmony and that’s the message personalised gifts pass.

Matching robes, pillowcases are examples of items you can use for personalised gifts. Write sweet words for couples or a simple “Mr and Mrs ..” on each of the items. Personalised gifts are usually special.

5. Framed art work

Framed art work of the couple is another thoughtful gift item every couple would love. Gifts like these would last for years and would be kept in the strategic positions like the couples bedroom and sitting room.

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