7 secrets for a successful introvert-extrovert relationship



Needless to say, an introvert and extrovert have clashing personalities.

While an extrovert is an outgoing, expressive and life-of-the-party person, an introvert is a shy person who might prefer communicating through text messages rather than expressing his or her feelings in person.

In case you have fallen for an introvert, these seven secrets will help to understand your partner and strengthen your bond.

1. Acceptance is the key

The first and the most important tip for dating an introvert is to accept them the way they are. You cannot change the basic nature of a person and you have to fall in love with their shy personality. The idea of a house party might not excite them always, they may prefer to stay at home rather than going to a club and utter a stern ‘no’ if asked to join the dance floor. But this does mean they do not have a fun side, the key is to understand them better as a person.

2. Me time

Introverts like to spend some time alone and cut off from the entire world, including their partner. They need this me time to recharge themselves and therefore, never ask them to compromise on their solitude. Also, don’t think them to be way ‘too’ independent or reserved, it is just their way of living their life.

3. Attending social events

When it comes to attending social gatherings, introverts are the first ones who would like to happily turn down the offer. Hence, inform them about the event in advance and give them the time to mentally prepare themselves. At the event, stay close to them to make them feel comfortable amongst strangers and give them your attention.

4. Dealing with conflicts

Introverts take their own time to process everything and are not verbally expressive even during a fight. So, whenever you have an argument with them, they might not like to clarify the issue that very moment. They would prefer to retire to their room, spend some time brooding over the reason of the fight, and might talk to you after a few hours. You need to be patient and do not construe their silence as a sign of disrespect.

5. Understand their nature better

With time, you will start understanding their body language and behaviour. How much me-time they need right after waking up, what kind of people or situations they are comfortable with, what is their idea of partying, when they pour their heart out etc. Once you start understanding these basic traits of their nature, you will be able to create a better rapport with them.

6. The middle path

Your introvert partner might not enjoy visiting crowded places and you might not like being in the company of a few people, but you can always find activities that both of you enjoy together as a couple. Whether it is traveling, cooking, watching movies, swimming or painting, look for common hobbies where you both can happily spend quality time together.

7. The silent romance

Dating an introvert comes with its own charm. Their idea of romance might not revolve around announcing their love for you in front of the world, but they express their love by doing little things. You both might silently sit together in a room but your introvert partner would keep his or her hand on yours just to stay physically connected while both of you are busy doing your own things. They might observe what you like to eat and cook your favourite meal the make you smile. They might book the tickets of the movie you have been dying to watch and take you on a surprise date.

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