Somizi urges parents to converse with children in mother tongues


Somizi Mhlongo is saddened to see the most recent 21st-century children act novice to their native language.

The media personality shared a video of a young boy conversing with his parents in his mother tongue, which Som is proud of.

Reacting to this video, the star urged parents to balance speaking English and mother tongue languages to their children.

“Conversing with yo child in the mother tongue doesn’t take anything away from u instead it adds so much value in yo child’s life and they will thank u later in life…..this child will still be able to speak proper English but will speak his language even properly lol….the child has enough time to speak English at school and with their friends ….all I’m suggesting is balance….children these days say it boldly and proudly that they don’t understand u when u address them in their home language which I find very sad coz it’s not their fault…..parents we can do better its never too late.,” he wrote.


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