5 diet secrets every bride and groom-to-be should know



Every bride and groom wants to look flawless on their D-day!

The huge planning involved in the wedding can easily weigh you down but little changes in your diet can go a long way with you.

Small changes in your diet can give you that radiant and stunning look you ever dreamt of!

We know that with all the wedding shenanigans it becomes overwhelming to keep a track of your diet and therefore, we bring you 5 laid-back diet secrets that will make you fit effortlessly in your wedding ensemble.

Moreover, these diet add-ons will save you from any health complications while adding up to your energy levels.

Here are the easy pre-wedding diet secrets every bride and groom-to-be should definitely abide by!

1. Say no to whites

White flour and white sugar can destruct your health like no other! Excess of both of these can lead to several health issues including weight gain and mood swings. Instead go for whole grains like wheat, jowar and bajra over refined flour products. Whole grains are packed with the goodness of fibre that can help in detoxifying and gives you supple skin and a healthy body.

2. Munch on healthy fats

A lot of people cut fats from their diet before the wedding to get that slim and toned body. Say a big NO to this thing as fats are extremely important to fill you up with energy and to maintain a glow on your skin. It’s the type that matters! Go for healthy fats that are found in nuts, seeds, soy, olives and fish to keep the skin soft and supple.

3. Hydration is the key

 The simple mantra to all your body woes is “Drink up that H20”. Water helps in flushing out toxins from the body while giving you good nails, flawless skin and shiny hair. 2.5-3 litres of water every day is a magic potion for your body. In addition to this, you can have homemade lemon water, buttermilk, soups, smoothies and coconut water throughout the day.

4. Go for a rainbow

A wide variety of fruits and vegetables on your plate can provide you with much-needed antioxidants and essential nutrients to keep you going healthily. You should definitely consume 5 servings of raw fruits and vegetables in a day for that perfect nourishment before your wedding day. A serving between your meals and a serving in breakfast can do all the wonders!

5. Powerful probiotics are a must

Probiotics are extremely vital for your gut health. They help in stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria in your stomach which further aid in healthy digestion. You can include fermented foods like curd, yoghurt, kimchi and kefir in your daily diet to get the boost of good probiotics.

If your D-Day is nearby don’t rely on restrictive diets or refrain from eating as it can easily take a toll on your health and skin. Make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep that glow intact and to flaunt your perfect body on your wedding day.

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