3 key ways in which adopting a pet will impact your relationship



A lot of couples who have been dating for a while consider adopting a pet as the natural next step.

Not only is this widely regarded as a way to test your compatibility while you take on more responsibility, but some people use it as a way to strengthen their bond with their mate.

Remember when Ross and his girlfriend Julie from the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ tried to adopt a pet cat? Well, there’s no denying that caring for a dog or cat can teach you priceless skills.

But do take a look at a few ways this new addition can impact your relationship so that you can make an informed decision.

1. You experience increased physical activity and wellness

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then bringing home a dog from the pet shelter can be a great way to workout naturally. You would have to walk your canine several times a day. This would let you take in sunshine, fresh breeze and physical activity rather than being shut away in your room as you work away all day. Such spells of daily exercise can boost your mood, improve heart health and even reduce stress. Plus, you can enjoy a spate of dates with your partner and your pet as you go hiking at a nearby mountain, swimming at a pet-friendly pool or the beach, etc.

2. You have less money for dates

Pets also pose a financial responsibility, as you end up spending on their vaccinations, medical expenses on vet visits, leashes, pet carriers and other knick-knacks. Furthermore, there’s the cost of their food if they are on a special diet, grooming expenses at the salon, pet care products etc. Hence, having a pet is not for the faint hearted and would be expensive, so you would have less money to spend on dates with your lover.

3. Count on having reduced free time and limited social life

If your weekends and holidays are full of lazy Sundays where you laze in bed or simply have a movie marathon, you must know that bringing a pet home would change this. Whether it is a rabbit, cat, dog or similar creature you adopt, your days off would be filled by outings to the park, picnics with your pet and visits to the vet.

It would also impact your social life as you may prefer to avoid outings and enjoy cuddle time with your furry pal who misses you when you’re away!

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