Lady narrates horrible experience in Zanzibar during a vacation – Mzansi react


Nigerian lady, Zainab Oladehinde got Zanzibar trending on social media after sharing her horrible experience when she traveled to the country for a vacation in 2021.

The socialite went on a solo vacation in other to mark her 23rd birthday in Zanzibar; she lodged in a hotel named Warere beach at Nungwi.

Speaking of her traumatic and horrible experience at the hotel, Zainab wrote:

“Few hours into my sleep, I started to feel a strange hand touching my breast.“ Now, this was me sleeping nak*d on my bed in my hotel room with my doors locked so this was definitely a dream”. I told myself and went back to sleep.”

She later realized that it was not a dream as an unclad man was lying next to her, and was using her hand to rub his private part in total darkness at 2 am.

The 24-year-old was frightened as she thought that she might get raped and killed if she fights back.

The culprit didn’t understand English, hence her communication or plea was of no use, then she mentioned she had HIV.

“He didn’t understand a word I said but immediately he heard HIV, he paused for a while. I quickly wanted to use the opportunity to run but then he started strangling my neck. I became very scared for my life as I saw my life flash right before me in an instant,” she added.

“I saw that he reacted to the word “HIV” so I kept on saying HIV whilst crying profusely at this point.”

The man excused her to get a condom, at that moment she hurriedly left her room to a safer place.

Returning to her room in the morning, she realised that the man stole her money, $1,100.

The whole issue got more disheartening after the police officers at Nungwi police station refused opening a case or help her.

Zainab’s story has left many heart broken, and lots of persons have expressed empathy; people have also called out the Zanzibar and Nigerian government.

Lots of persons have given the hotel a bad review by rating it poor, as they rendered no form of help to the lady despite her cry for help.

Read the full story below and check out reactions:

I’ve always rooted for solo travels, just changed my mind. There are some crazy people out there…and nowhere is safe especially for females! That Zanzibar story gave me chills,” K Naomi wrote.




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