Bontle Modiselle hosts Kelly Rowland in her dance studio (Video)


Kelly Rowland had a swell time in Bontle Modiselle’s dance studio.

The international star shared some of her most cherished moments in South Africa, and a video clip of herself in the choreographer’s studio was part of the slides.

Hosting Kelly is such a huge deal for Bontle, and she never saw it happening.

The SA star re-shared the video on Instagram and expressed excitement.

“If you told me a month ago that I was going to be hosting & dancing with Kelly Rowland in my studio, I would have told you that was an absolute lie. But it happened. And it was amazing.

Thank you for being as beautiful as I imagined you to be, more so in person. This moment was everything dreams are made of and I can’t tell you what it meant to me and the people we shared this with. It’s still unbelievable to me considering the love and respect I’ve had for you since I was a little girl. A true honor,” she wrote.

Bontle says more moments in the studio will be shared; she also announced that the studio will be officially opened on the 25th of April.

Check out video in slides below:


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