“I used to be a s*x worker” – Lilian Dube opens up about her past





Lilian Dube has opened up on her past life and many are really shocked.

The star was on the first episode of Downtime With Somizi and she dropped a bombshell.

On the show, Lilian was honest about her life experiences and what she has been through.

Speaking to Somizi and Mara Louw, she spoke about a time in her life when she was a sex worker, “I am a girl from Lesotho, I have had so many jobs, I have been a domestic worker, a nurse aid, a tea girl,” she explained.

She then went on to add, “when you speak about prostitutes, I have been that, the children must eat, I must survive. I have done anything for survival but by the grace of God, I am now the most respected and loved actress.”

On the stigmatization of prostitution, Lilian said, “when people speak ill of prostitutes, I get so angry because no one ever desires to be a prostitute, circumstances lead them there.”


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