Try this viral internet hack to reheat leftover pizza at home



Ordered pizza and left with some uneaten slices?

Store them in your fridge without any hassle as we bring to you the easiest pizza reheating hack that will make the leftover slices as fresh as new.

Mostly, leftover slices that are stored in the fridge turn hard and almost inedible by the next day.

Not anymore, as this viral internet hack tells how pizza lovers can enjoy leftover pizza by reheating them without the use of any microwave or oven.

If you are someone who is often left with surplus pizza slices, then this article is apt for you.

Reheating hack

This reheating hack will come in handy for even those who don’t have a microwave or oven. This super easy reheating technique can be done in just a few minutes, that too on a stove. It got quite popular on social media, with people trying out different versions of the same. Here is how you can do it at home to make your leftover pizza as good as new.

1. ​Heat pizza in a pan

Keep a non-stick tawa or skillet on low heat. Now place a leftover pizza slice on it and let it heat up for two minutes. Make sure to keep the flame low. If the slice is small, you can add two slices, depending on how large the tawa is. If the skillet is small, reheat one slice at a time.

2. Add water

Now add 2 tablespoons of water and quickly cover the skillet with a lid. Now let it cook for two minutes on low heat, with the lid still on. Make sure you add the water very carefully, as excess water can make the slices soggy. Always measure the water with a spoon while adding it. 2 tablespoons of water is enough to generate sufficient steam for one pizza slice and it will evenly reheat the slice from all sides.

3. ​Ready to be served

After two minutes, open the lid and your pizza slice is ready to be served. You will notice how the crust is no longer hard and how the cheese has melted on its own. This genius pizza reheating method is super convenient and will transform the leftover pizza slices into newly baked ones.

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