‘Durban Gen’ to end in 2023





e.tv has announced its early primetime series Durban Gen will end in January 2023 after just over two years.

Filmed in Durban, the show launched on e.tv in October 2020 and is set in the township of Newlands East and the corridors of the Durban General academic, public hospital.

The cancellation of Durban Gen isn’t a surprise because it’s always needed surgery for its suspect medical credentials which have left many a viewer with major side-eye.

This statement from eMedia:  “e.tv can confirm that the hospital drama Durban Gen will be coming to an end in January 2023. The decision to decommission the daily drama is part of a business strategy which includes the on-going review of the on-air life-cycle of all our shows.

e.tv continues to look forward to fulfilling its mandate of producing exceptional and relevant local content, and the production has successfully achieved its part of the obligation throughout the past 2 years. Durban Gen first aired in October 2020.”

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