7 signs you have a stingy partner



The notion that a relationship is not a job opportunity has turned some men into becoming overly parsimonious; i.e, getting a penny from them can be likened to getting a miracle.

In recent time, many dudes would make a boastful statement to their friends that they have never given money to a lady in the course of the relationship and will liken it to smartness, and that no lady can turn them into her source of finance.

Have you ever thought your man may be stingy, these signs would help you know.

1. He never buys you gifts

Any man who finds it difficult to buy his girlfriend a gift just might be stingy.  We are not saying that a man should always buy gifts but a thoughtful man once in a while would ensure they spoil their girlfriends. Every guy knows one of the ways to get to a girl’s heart is to buy her gifts no matter how small. So, if your man buys you nothing even on your special days, you should think again.

2. He is always broke

If your man is always complaining or nagging about money, how broke he is or how bad the economy is, then stinginess is flowing through his veins. He will keep drumming it to your hearing that things are so hard for him when in fact, they are not. This is to send signal to the lady that she can’t get a penny from him and she should not bother asking.

3. He’s happy you don’t ask him for anything

Virtually every guy wants a lady that will help economize his expenses and won’t mount financial pressure on him, but some are happier that their girlfriends have never asked them for recharge card or other perishable parameters no matter how she needs it.

This is not  a good sign. While we are not advocating that a woman should rely solely on a man, any man who is happy that she never asks him for anything is plain stingy.

4. He finds it difficult to spend on himself

If you are dating someone who can’t spend or buy things for himself, best believe that he is stingy and he will find it difficult to spend on you. Is he earning a good pay but he looks drabbing and also finds it difficult to buy things that even those who don’t earn as much can comfortably buy, that’s a clear sign of a stingy man.

5. He is inquisitive about your money

Be conservative about guys who are bent on knowing how much you earn, how much you are worth, financial capacity of your family and future financial prospects. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this but when it becomes a reoccurring routine question then you should watch your back.

6. He badmouths on men who spend on their women

Does he badmouth men who spend on their girlfriends calling them names, then he is definitely stingy.

7. He doesn’t spend on his family

Does he make good money but doesn’t take care of his parents and siblings?Maybe you have even experienced when he snapped at a family member who asked him for money.If he is such a guy, chances are that he will never spend a dime on you either.

So where does your man fall? Please, leave a comment. We would like to hear from you.

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