5 things you should never tell your boss



Most juniors revere their bosses in the workplaces. However, sometimes companies make efforts to cultivate closer relationships.

Such events enable employees to mingle with the top personnel at a more intimate level.

Other times, people undergo extreme pressure in the office or even rub each other the wrong way.

In some settings or instances, an employee may let their hair down or get overly emotional. It is easy to lose guard and say things that may jeopardize or cost you your career.

Whether you are too excited, angry, drunk or frustrated, here are some things that you should never share with your boss.

1. You are job hunting

Unless the company is closing down soon and you have the management’s blessing to be on the look, never talk about your intentions of leaving the company with your boss. It is hard to work with someone that is unsettled. As dissatisfied as you are with the current job, never make known your intentions to leave.

2. Gossip about your colleagues

Such habits portray you in a bad light and someone who can never be trusted. As juicy as the story may be, if you are privy to your workmate’s private information, keep it to yourself. Remember one of the virtues employers look for is honesty.

3. Your long-term career plans that don’t involve the company

Details like you will be relocating in a few years time to go volunteer in a preschool might be noble. Keep it to yourself unless you are issuing a notice. You are most likely to disqualify yourself from a promotion by speaking too soon.

Companies do not expect all their employees to stick with them for years. Most bosses acknowledge that individuals in their organizations have dreams that may not align with the companies vision. However, it just sounds terrible to say that you are not going the same direction as the company. Always work on an exit plan that will guide you when that time comes.

4. Your own personal drama tales

Everyone has another side that managers do not know. Do not tell it all. Your boss does not need to hear how you blacked out in the club or got into a fight with your spouse. Forge robust networks to help walk through life, but keep your senior colleagues out of the drama.

5. Verbal threats and angry outbursts

Never. When anger gets the best of you, find a way to cool off and communicate when calm. Working with someone who is ruled by their emotions is a tricky affair. Threats spell arrogance. If you make a threat, ensure you can follow it through if your terms are not met.

Regardless of your expertise and experience, keep calm at all times. Your relationship with your boss is professional. Careless utterances will not just cost you your image and reputation; it can mess up your career as well.

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