5 things you should know about orgasms



Orgasms are not always what we see in movies. They are hardly close to reality.

There are so many facts about orgasms that most of us did not know about.

To expand your own knowledge and settle the worries regarding your sexlife in your mind, scroll down and be at peace or simply be amazed!

1. The lasting average

The time taken to reach an orgasm is not fixed! In fact, it all depends on the different factors. This could be about the arousal, tiredness, stress levels and even the relationship dynamics. Women take much longer than men but for men, penetration to ejaculation, 7 minutes is the average.

2. Orgasm is not always possible with penetrative sex

If you thought that penetrative sex makes a woman orgasms then you are mistaken. In fact, for most women, clitoris stimulation makes it happen as it hits the G-spot. Penetration can be very mechanical too.

3. Guys too have a G-spot

Very few people might know this. The G-spot in women is hard to find but for men, it is right under the head of the penis where there is a collection of highly sensitive nerves, also called frenulum. If you stimulate that the right way, the way a man feels is the same as what a woman feels when you rub her right.

4. Not all orgasms climax in an Earth shattering way

Orgasms are not always so big and you have to stop believing what you see in adult movies too. Orgasms can be sweet and gentle and it is alright if you and your partner do not have stars bursting by the end of it.

5. Orgasms relieve menstrual pain

Not always, but a number of times, this has been proven right. If you have an orgasm, your menstrual pain reduces . The cramps are not as bad as they are in general. It is the chemical and muscular cascade that helps relieve the pain. It is very relaxing and an orgams is a distraction too. There is no harm in trying.

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