6 lesser known secrets for mindblowing orgasms



One doesn’t achieve orgasms easily. There’s a lot of touching, grabbing, kissing and foreplay at hand that can arouse one enough to climax later.

And of course with amazing sexual performance and stamina. But the chances of women experiencing an orgasm are quite low, as compared to men.

While men keep scratching their heads about how to make their lady love writhe in pleasure, the secret to achieving a mindblowing orgasm isn’t really unachievable.

Let’s take a look at some of the secrets to achieving amazing orgasms.

1. ‘Edge’ yourself

When you are about to reach an orgasm, stop yourself. This is called edging. This will help you build up the orgasm even more and prolong the duration. This will also ensure you have better, stronger and more intense orgasms.

2. Amp up the foreplay

Your foreplay has to be really strong and intense. The more tricks you come up with, the better it is. When you amp up your foreplay, you are creating more opportunities for you and your partner to be aroused. Kiss in a better way, cuddle or even play around with handcuffs; your partner will surely appreciate it.

3. Turn up the heat

Prior to having sex, take a nice hot bath or rub your vagina with a warm cloth. This will help the blood to flow to your vagina, leading to increased lubrication and sensitivity. This way, you will achieve better orgasms.

4. Play with your toys

Aah! Vibrators can come in handy if you are unable to achieve an orgasm. Try to use it on yourself while your partner is penetrating you in a doggy-style position or when in missionary. This will increase the chances of having an orgasm radically.

5. Go for quickies

Quickies have a way of turning you on like no other. The hurry, the thrill of getting caught might make you even more turned on than you actually are. For the best results, try wearing easy breezy stuff so that it can all be easier. And look for a deserted staircase or spot.

6. Demand your partner

Demanding in the bedroom and asking your partner for more is definitely the way to go if you want to get a mindblowing orgasm. When you become confident and ask your partner for more, you are helping yourself to be more turned on and aroused.

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