Here’s how to handle the peer pressure of getting married



We all know the pressure of marriage begins sometime in your mid-twenties and peaks in your 30s.

From your family, relatives to your friends and even random associations, no one leaves an opportunity to tell you that now is the right time to get married. We know the peer pressure of getting married is real.

In a society like ours, it is normal to hear people tell you when to get married or how to handle relationships.

While some are fine with all the constant nagging, it can get intolerable for others.

Your family and friends constantly asking you when you are getting married can lead to a lot of anxiety.

So, if you think that the peer pressure is getting too much to handle, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Here are some tips to handle the peer pressure for getting married.

1- Firstly, ask yourself if you want to get married right now or pursue a career, or looking for financial stability, or want to study. Once you know what you want, then it might help you get an idea about what you want to do, instead of feeling the pressure. As long as you know what you want, what other people think will seem far less important.


2- Whatever you decide, stick to your decision and be confident about it. Changing your mind under pressure will take you nowhere, but strong willpower will.

3- Communicate how you feel with your friends and family, but don’t get too defensive in the process. Keep calm and tell them you apricate their concern, but you want to focus on your career or whatever it is you choose.

4- Don’t avoid your family and friends just because you are afraid that someone will ask you questions about marriage. Avoiding them won’t help solve the issue, but communicating your concern will.

5- Don’t rush into marriage because you can’t take any more of the pressure. Sit down and think what you want from life as marriage is a commitment to someone you love for the rest of your life.

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