Radio veteran Jeremy Mansfield has died






Radio veteran Jeremy Mansfield has died.

The news of his death was confirmed by his close friend in a statement on Monday.

“This morning a light went out in the world. Jeremy Mansfield passed away just before dawn. He died peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends and boundless love.

“Under a naughty exterior Jeremy had a huge soft heart. A lot of people got to see and hear that over the radio but he saved his vulnerability for a select few. He was determined the world be a better and shinier and funnier place and he drove the road to that destination at 1,000 miles an hour with no rearview mirror, all of the rest of us clinging on for dear life.

“We will miss him. The family is devastated and is asking for privacy during this time.”

Mansfield was diagnosed with liver cancer in January after a previous battle with leukaemia. Doctors confirmed he had stage 4 cancer, and he was put on treatment immediately.

“Haven’t posted for ages. Reason being I’ve been in hospital battered by tests as I was not feeling 100%. Turns out I have a form of liver cancer,” the star said.

He died at age 59.

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