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Grammy Award winner DJ Black Coffee has taken to his Twitter to respond to Nota’s threats.

Yesterday, Nota started another episode of his beef with the DJ.

He claimed to be more successful than the Grammy-award winner and also mocked him for having a baby mama and a functional hand.

The DJ made it clear that he is not moved by Nota’s Twitter rants or threats. Even after Nota threatened to have a go at his son.

Nota shared a video clip criticizing Black Coffee and he said he planned to have a go at his eldest son Esona.

“Your idol @RealBlackCoffee has been warned… It’s on sight when I see him. He’ll need to run off to Austria with Stogie T when I’m done with him. I’m finishing 2022 off strong by settling all my beefsorganized once & for all,” he tweeted.

The DJ responded: “My son? You now threatening my family? He’s in Miami right now. He should be back in a few days,” he tweeted.

See tweet below:

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